Move first and see the result

Often in our lives as humans, sometimes we love to criticize our neighbors. We love obtrusive acts and notice the faults of others.

It is easy for us to criticize bad things from other people, but their good deeds we always ignore. Sometimes we do not value good praise from other people because of arrogance and self-centeredness that we always thought only for ourselves, and we always thought that we are greater and better people than others.

Often what happens in our lives we would always take great care of another person’s life but when we notice our mistakes we easily get mad. It is just the same that we slapped our faces a thousand times in front of many people.

We need to give ourselves some glimpses in the mirror before condemning others. If there is someone who has done wrong it should be corrected and not be laughed at.

Because of arrogance, they sometimes do not give importance to other people. We always remember, no one wants to be bad in their lives and suffering, we all hoping for a victory and abundance in life.

“So if” you see people less than our knowledge we should not mock. Always remember that our dear Creator is always looking out for us every move we take. 

Every one of us has the potential and abilities to do anything depending on our training, studies, experiences, and practices, and efforts.

If they have any shortcomings or mistakes of themselves we will correspond and let us not insult them, each one of us has twin problems and weaknesses since our birth. 

So the level of our knowledge is different because of our parents, and the lives and experiences of our parents were different.

But somehow we do not think that they are the factor of their efforts and papers into their lives. The situation of their life still has depended on their efforts and also their past failures.

So we went to the situation that we suffered because of the neglectful acts of our parents and our forefathers as well and they did not afflict and worked hard when they were young and in proper old age in their times.

There are also young people today who have suffered dwelling their lives in great poverty in their lives and that because of their failures and being neglectful from their previous lives.

We did not study hard, and we are trying closely with ourselves when we are still in school and have been so neglectful for all the opportunities that have come to us, and always depending on another person.

So do not be envious of others because it is not like magic that their lives have become wealthy and triumphantly directly, all of that is because of their efforts and hard-worked from their past.

While we are still alive like other people, the Almighty God has always assisted us and protected us as long as we are always asking for his guidance and support.

In our lives, we should make an effort, so we need to act and strive for whatever our jobs or whatever we are doing in life to be successful. We need to work hard and be dedicated to what we are doing and setting ourselves up for what we want to be in the future.

Don’t just sit there and wait for the table to turn. Always empty your cup and put some fresh water in it.

Empty your cup


Paradise or Hell

In human life, situations and events are different, but everyone starts with the ignorant and innocent of everything on the surface of the earth.

Before you can walk, start crawling if you are not able to, so your parents will support and assist you.

Once you can walk, you will also start running until you have mastered all the movements in all parts of your body.

Human life is really like that. Everything goes through the process, and so God’s creation of all things and life in this world go through the PROCESS.

GOD made the world dark and lifeless, then He created the sun to give energy, strength, and light to His created things that have lived in the world.

To complete life in the world he created, he also created many living creatures to worship and praise his Lordship and omnipotence over all his creations … Animals, invisible creatures, and we, HUMANS.

Every living thing follows it in the way it did, just as the sun does, it rises from the east and sets in the west, the sea rises and falls, and even animals move and make their ability how the dear Lord Allah also made them.

We humans during the day, the Lord has given us the freedom to move and enjoy the life he has given and when night falls the Lord has also given us the time of rest of our human bodies.

And he created the moon so that it can give light when night falls and someone can help our eyes when it gets dark.

Dear Lord, I created the DAY and MONTH so that our lives will also have time to be a sign of our deeds and a sign of our being as we live so that when the end of our lives comes there will be a sign of all our deeds in the exact time, day, month and year.

The knowledge of our people also begins with the process, and no stupid person because all of his creations have the Lord’s burial of knowledge according to his power since its birth.

We, humans, are the most special creature he created because he gave us the (free will) freedom of ourselves in our thoughts and abilities so that we can live happily and freely in this world … And this that our knowledge has expanded.

And so that we too can enjoy and praise the good life he gave.

But he also made our enemies so that it would serve as a lesson, test, and test for us so that you can be shaped and test our freedom to choose where you want to go. And that is the DEMONS.

 So there are GOOD and BAD.

All these things are meant and by the will of our dear Lord to the people so that when the time comes he will see that if he deserves to take us there to a life without pain, without suffering, without problems, without pain tragedy and misfortune, and endless life and pleasure.

But everything also depends on what we do in this world where you will go when the day of judgment comes. And it is the same without end.

 Just two.

 This is the




Gaining triumphantly over Fear and anxieties

Generally, life has its complications and the journey is not always rosy. But, nothing complicates life more than change, expectations in general, bad experiences that we cannot get off our heads, as well as self-doubt. If not well managed, these create fear and uncertainty within us.

It goes without saying that once fear and uncertainty take over our lives, our world can easily be turned upside down.

A life of fear and uncertainty can make us lose touch with the reality that everyone faces challenges and it is up to an individual to choose whether to respond peacefully or with resistance.

For me, the need for certainty became such a driving force in my life that I would do anything to regain a sense of control.

And what that looked like for me was a 12 year battle with anorexia, bulimia, anxiety, and obsessive perfectionism” I’m sure many of us have battled in different ways with fear and uncertainty.

If we lose control over fear and feelings of uncertainty, we can easily lose control over our lives and possibly make bad decisions, some of which we may never recover from.

On the other hand, being certain always can be an indication that we are not challenging ourselves enough and we are content with our comfort zones.

Perhaps, instead of trying to completely avoid a life of fear and uncertainty, we should find ways to cope and conquer those conditions.
Some ways of gaining victory over fear and uncertainty include, but are not limited to the following;

Fix your attitude – your attitude affects almost everything in life, including how you fight your inner battles. You need to accept that so long as you live you will face challenges like everyone else. However, instead of trying to prevent meeting those challenges, we should prepare ourselves for dealing with them.

Be positive and understand that there still can be opportunities arising from failures and challenges. Accept that things will not always go our way.
Celebrate wins – appreciate good things happening in your life and in that of the people around you.

Celebrating your peers’ blessings can help you see more possibilities. If it is people that you always fight life’s battles with, seeing them win those battles can give you hope. You can feel like a winner too and get the hope that you can win.

Consider how much you lose or are likely to lose due to fear and uncertainty – with uncontrolled fear and uncertainty often comes depression as well as the loss of control over life situations.

When afraid and uncertain, we might even be scared to try new things and can lose self-confidence. We can ruin relationships, lose jobs, and develop health issues among other things.

When we are at our worst and fear has overtaken our lives, we see negativity even where there are opportunities. Fear and worrying have never solved problems. Instead, they add to them.

Know your purpose when we know our purpose and we believe that we were brought to earth for something greater than mere existence, we build a strong foundation for our being, find meaning in life, and will not stop at anything for as long as we feel there is still more we need to do with our lives.

Knowing our purpose often comes with belief in a supernatural power that runs the world. And, that connection with the spiritual realm tends to make people feel invincible.

Nothing gives power, hope, and positivity more than it.
Guard your thoughts – in most cases, people overfeed their brains with negative thoughts that go on to be their perceived reality.

Some of these fears may even result from non-existent problems. This can come with the belief that ‘I’m too unqualified for this’, ‘I do not have it in me’, ‘My life is cursed’, and the likes.

Whenever we find ourselves engaged in deep thought about our lives, let us make the choice to stand with positivity. Yes, no one has been to the future and no one knows what it will bring.

As we march toward it with every second given to us, let look forward to the good things that we are hoping for and plan for them rather than worrying about whether the future will be friendly to us.

Share your worries with someone you can trust – when you keep some issues to yourself you will go through issues that would have been easily prevented or lightened if you had talked to someone else. We do have people who genuinely care about us, all we need to do is give them a chance.

Draw lessons grow from challenges – as much as we do not want to normalize life of ‘suffering’, we cannot run away from the fact that people who have faced the greatest challenges and have used them as stepping stones are much stronger and wiser than people who only know a life of comfort.

They have ‘bad memories’ they look back at and are glad the challenges came at that time of their lives. As we go through fear and uncertainty,

we can do so with the mentality that victory over them makes us better and less fearful people.


Be aware of our deeds

Mustard seeds

Don’t be distracted

Few things that make your life miserable.

We all wished to be prosperous in life and aiming to live our lives and free from debts. But we proceed to a better and wealthier life we wished for, we need to perform hard and to do what it requires to be done for us to be successful in working and to bring ourselves to the place where we preferred to be and let’s first define those bad qualities that brings us miserable.

Do you want to know what is the best thing to do to avoid those barriers that hinder your way towards success and free yourself away from bitterness & failures so you maintain your life like a winner and happier?

These are the things that knock you out and slinked your appetite to endure.


We all made mistakes, it’s individual nature, that each one of us had experienced disappointments, despair, sadness and sometimes losing hope. 

We always broke down and could not restore ourselves if we always think about our early defeats and troubles that had happened. 

So for you to get back and go on, forget about what you did wrong in the former, you need to accept the reality of existence that there is no perfect living being and we all made mistakes, and we all failed. Just like a child, a child needs to train by their parents to understand basic teachings like crawling, standing, and walking. 

Later on for a child could walk it needs for them to learn to crawl first to strengthen their bones and build the muscles of their legs, on, when the child is already strong of course the child appears to standalone assisted by their parents. 

Then the child appears to step until the child could walk on his/her feet without the help of their parents.

In life, we must have to admit the experience that we all stumbled, we failed, we despaired, we all cried, sad, and being hurt by someone. 

Do not always think that you are the only one who has been experiencing these kinds of situations that it would appear to us all being human and it’s a matter. 

So for us to move on from that situation, you need to accept that it is natural that it would go on to us and it is then part of our daily lives to have some problem is normal. 

So forget your past by doing what drove you please in your life, and again make it sure to the things you do that caused you happy that it is too helpful for yourself because, once not all happiness is suitable for us, not all that glitters is authentic, once it’s fake, and we then knew what is right and wrong.


Comparing yourself to others is the hardest thing to sometimes accept because no matter what you do, there are ever greater people than ourselves because they tried hard and did most of the effort, and also there are inferior people compared to us because they were lacked power on themselves and neglecting opportunities that came in their way and the sum of all these factors that this world has achieved balance and organized and only the Almighty Creator knows about everything that has happened and the purpose of all his creations. 

This is the most reason why so many people are stuck and lost their appetite it is because of measuring themselves to alternatives. 

Almighty God knows designed us with many variations it is because of his love of attaining something new unique creations in this world. 

So stop wasting your time testing and competing to events because Almighty God has granted us many times to learn many situations, every one of us has capable of doing wonderful things because our Almighty Creator has made us many abilities, talents, and many wonderful activities to be completed in this way of life. 

Our Almighty Creator put billions of brain cells to us, so we will learn anything as long as we live, we can learn and improve ourselves but, it nevertheless depends on us on how we develop ourselves and it even depends on us on how we try to work so hard to achieve what we want to be here on earth. 

So don’t be desperate, my friend, this world has many surprises, wonderful events will ever knock on your door if you only do positive attitudes.


Jealousy is the lowest character that we should be aware of. It makes trouble, loneliness, discouragement, and not being content with what you have. It creates anger, disappointments, and losing hope in oneself. 

Then will invariably put you down when you see others happy and succeeded in their races and because of your envious manner, you become unhappy of what other achievements and you will constantly make negative comments to them just to outstrip and offset your disappointed feelings that there are people that have greater achievements more than yourself. This quality of character is the worst of all it is because it makes a lot of negative images and deeds to your personality. 

When you dwelled jealous of someone, you will create negative images just for instance that when your friend had a beautiful girlfriend, you would now be planning to destroy their relationship because of your envious spirits, now you defiled your friend for jealousy in your crowded heart. 

Now, who is the deficit? Still, yourself because the more you envy, the more you become greedy to opportunities, the more you could not focus on yourself, on your courses, the more your heart services gain misery, and that is because of jealousy. So cut it off from yourself so you will learn new knowledge and lift yourself from insanity.


The more you mistrust, the more you lose your self-confidence because distrust of oneself is procrastination to our minds. Doubt is the best enemy of progress because it weakens our perceiving and soul, when our mind suspicions, it will send a message to the soul that “weren’t going to do it”, and the individual response and become weakened. 

That is why you need to try different things, practice more, and discover more about yourself so it will boost yourself to the next level on your journey by developing yourself to different skill sets. 

To erase the ambiguity and try other things. Doubting is not a solution to pursue our goals because when you hesitate on building your triumph, every way to progress becomes a failure and leading yourself not to develop into an optimistic and your mind dictates to create confusion on your ambitions.


Pride is so-called “the rust” these qualities are the most destructive and violent character of each individual. It creates anger, enmity, vendetta

towards others, and destroys every beautiful opportunity that is supposed to come your way. 

Because of pride, many were being killed in just a minor argument and discussions. Just a few things away from reality sometimes others exaggerate the situation just to deprive their anger towards others.

Pride was being used by the devil to manipulate us and ruin our morals. It is like a whisper that dictates us not to forgive and to sabotage our feelings, to our loved ones, once the pride arouses forgiving is so hard to tell.

There are many situations to identify pride. 

Envious of opportunities and the feelings of being self-centered, they thought they are only the best, great, and much better matched to others.

They are the arrogance of individuals and impressing others and bullying and mocking, and they thought like they are the most powerful and the most beautiful characters compared to others.

They are proud individuals, they would not accept forgiveness and contradicting the opinions of others.

They are the characters hard to associate with, and they looked you up from head to toes.

These people hate you, the way you look, the style you dress, and the manner you talk. They are more on looking at the physical appearance of a person.

They often laughed at the mistakes of others and mocked dull people who are illiterate.

They are the people who always lift their chairs and clap their ears.

Never walk alone

Never walk alone

I would please to thank the Almighty Allah for giving me a lovely daughter and a wonderful mother in the world… we admire you ma.

I wrote this content it’s because I have a big concern about our women these days, in Islam we value women, we respect and honored them just like our mothers…

Just want to share some essential information for all the girls walking alone on the road.

These groups of individuals, they were a sex maniac devil, all they wanted to do is to haunt some ladies walking alone on the street or loitering anywhere, maybe sitting only in the park anywhere.

When they found some new woman in a place where there are only few people around then they would approach and make some persuasive talk to the girl and that’s it, when the girl blinded by their faces and money and being deceit with their persuasive talked, the young girl would go with them and that’s the time that they would abuse the needy girl just to satisfy their evil deeds.

I wanted to inform this to the world that these sex maniac devils were good-looking and so attractive to most women they encountered. That’s why many girls were blinded by these Devils and also they were using money to deceit many girls on the street.

Now, their first move when they found some girl walking alone they sneaked behind with their tinted vehicle moving forward to reach the young woman, and then they would approach nicely and make a persuasive talk to the young woman, and then they would show up the girl some filthy money on their hands.

Girls listen to this….

They will offer you some filthy cash and of course always remember this,

MONEY is the ultimate weapon of the devil to use humans to deceive us, and the devil whispers to us to do bad for wealth to those individuals who prioritize their lives on wealth. 

Those people needed cash and willing to do anything just for the small amount of payment.

Then when you are already blinded by some filthy cash now, you get a ride with them and go with them inside their car. And then they would massage your body and kiss you anywhere all over your torso from your head down to your sensitive part.

And then they were going to take off your clothes, your bra and then your underwear. They were so hungry with your meat like sex maniac devils licking your torso. While you were focusing on the cash that you thought when they were done on you, you also have the money.

And the other devil taking videos on you while you were being F… 

While his companion used you and entering your flesh and eating up your body destroying your dignity and your soul for an iota of filthy money.  That is so sad for your soul. See that, how bad it is when you were blinded by MONEY and these devils… 

Sometimes, some other sex maniac devils will pay you and kicked you away from their vehicle naked… and then later, the other tricked you showing they were already put your dirty money in your handbag and then while you were enjoying the ride and in the state of relish situation, they will get the cash from your pocket or bag, and then when they were done they would let you dress up and let you out from their car and kiss you goodbye and when you were outside the car, they left you and leaving you a disgusting laughter. 

Now this poor little girl checked her bag knowing she has the cash and the worst part iof it is that those devils tricked her and there’s no money inside her bag. Triple sadness.

Now it feels like dropping yourself to the lowest level on the ground. How detrimental to your life is it.

You offered your soul and your body without payment, just like doing your job, you worked hard in your company without a compensation; it is so bad and so distressed. How much more when you gave your body and your soul and got nothing at all. How painful is that… 

These maniacs has no heart…..

In Islam women, or Muslima, it is impossible that to happen to them because they were protected up, guided with their faith, religion and their beliefs. And the Almighty Allah also shielded them…

That is the advantage of non-Muslim women and Muslim women, their dresses. That’s the purpose of all the women in Islam their dress is a protection against all harmful elements…

I am so concerned about this kind of abusive and devilish act. What if it would happen to your mother, to your sister, to your daughters, to your cousins, to your aunties. Of course if that would happen to our women, our relatives, friends and families they won’t tell us because they would be ashamed…

And the worst of all that, what if those morons they would be uploaded it on social media and publicize your video, and you have seen your sister, your wife, your daughter, your aunt. What you going to do? That would be more painful and some other girls committed suicide because of shamed.

That is why if you are a non-Muslim girl, you can still protect yourself against these sex maniac devils… to prevent these demons this is only I could share and also a warning to our sisters, and we as a man, we must have to inform our women our children and families to rout these demons around haunting for human flesh sex maniacs.

1. Never walk alone, when it’s late at night.

2. Don’t trust anybody to men you didn’t know if you are a woman.

3. Shield yourself with prayers. It is so powerful than anything in this life. 

I hope this message will spread out around the earth to inform all women, mothers, teenagers that please protect yourself against these EVILS…

Now if you have seen a woman being kicked out from the car naked, that’s it, that woman has already victimized by those sex maniac devils.

Never offer your body, your soul, and your dignity for money. With this, it could bring your soul to everlasting fire in hell.

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